What does it mean when a dog’s nose is dry

05 June, 2019


The occasional a dry nose on your dog should not be a cause for alarm. The cause of it may be temporary, like dry cold weather, and something that could take care of itself. However, if your dog is suffering from a chronically dry nose, then there may be a serious issue. Causes of dry dog nose can include:

  • Spending time near a source of heat. Heat will naturally zap the moisture from the dog’s nose. Dogs who tend to sleep around radiators may be particularly predisposed to dry noses.
  • Dwelling in a room that has low moisture content. If you live in a particularly arid area or have a high level of pollutants in your home, then that may be the cause of your dog’s dry nose.
  • Dehydration may be the cause. If you notice that your dog has a dry nose that has started to crack, then your dog may be dehydrated. It is important to offer a fresh source of clean water as soon as possible and keep it consistent.
  • During sleep, a dog isn’t constantly surveying the smells of its surroundings. The wetness from the nose easily traps particles in the air, aiding in its sense of smell. When a dog sleeps, the nose naturally dries up. This is normal.
  • Suffering from allergies. Like humans, your dog can be subjected to allergies, especially in the home, where allergens can potentially be more concentrated than the outdoors.

These causes can easily be fixed by placing a heat source in a different room or moving your dog’s bed, buying an air purifier, or setting a humidifier in a room while your pooch rests. However, there may be a more insidious cause for a dog’s dry and bleeding nose. A red, flaking nose may be from a sunburn. Your veterinarian will be able to pinpoint a special lotion that will act as a humectant on your dog’s nose, effectively soothing the sunburn. But simpler yet, don’t go through the fuss of a medicated lotion or balm and use our all natural and plant based balm Happy Snouts to relieve your dog of their dry and cracked nose symptoms. With such wonderful ingredients such as unrefined shea nut butter, organic hemp seed oil, kukui oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, rosemary extract and vitamin E, how can you go wrong with trying this magical plant based product.

Do be cautious of your pup’s nose; if there is any discharge, then it may be infected. See your veterinarian if the discharge is green and has a strong, offensive smell.

What You Should Do To Prevent A Dry Dog Nose:

  • Invest in a quality nose butter, such as our all natural Happy Snouts balm. Dog nose butters are used to treat a flaking dog nose. Made out of simple yet moisturizing ingredients, nose butters/soothers can be beneficial for dog breeds that are known for nasal issues, like pugs.
  • Dry air from the winter can cause a dog’s nose to dry out. Before taking your dog out on a winter excursion, apply a small amount of Happy Snouts all natural balm on their nose and Happy Paws moisturizing balm or Strong Paws protective wax on their paws. This will trap moisture in these areas and prevent uncomfortable dryness for your best pal.

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