Shelf Life Of Hulled Hemp Seed Hearts

14 May, 2019


Hulled hemp seed is actually quite a stable product when stored properly. Thanks to the high levels of naturally occurring vitamin E, oxidation and rancidity are kept at bay by the seed itself. Our product is best before 14 months from the date of production but with storing the hulled seed in the freezer, you can extend that shelf life for a good long while.

Buying in Bulk

You might think that buying in bulk is not a great idea because you want the freshest possible product. Let us allay your fears, if you store your hulled hemp seed hearts properly, buying in bulk is not a problem, you can have fresh product for more than a year by freezing it. Best of all, the hulled seed will not freeze into a solid lump, so you can easily access the hemp hearts from the freezer! What you are trying to do is reduce both oxidation and exposure to light. By freezing the product for long term storage you are effectively achieving both as there is little or no light penetration in your freezer and the low temperatures reduce the effects of oxidation. If you want to go even further, you can reseal our products using a vacuum sealer to further extend the stability.

Avoid light and heat

Should you keep your hulled seed open on the table, no this is not a good place to store it. Is it ok to keep a little on the table for easy access, sure, just as long as you are storing the bulk of your hemp seed hearts in the fridge or freezer to maintain freshness. A lot of heat is bad, so keeping your hulled seed next to the toaster would definitely do damage. Long term exposure to heat is also bad so storing the hulled seed in a cupboard above the fridge is also probably not a great place. Keeping your hulled seed in a clear glass container on the counter, also probably not a good long term storage option but if you use the hemp hearts daily, then you can keep some out, for sure, again just keep the majority of the product cool and dark.

No room in my refrigerator

Not really a big deal. Just as long as you can keep the product somewhere cool and dark, you don’t absolutely need to keep the product in the fridge. If at all possible, choose somewhere that is consistently less than 15 C (60 F) for good long term storage.

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