One choice, Global Impact

08 July, 2019


With each new year and better personal health fresh on the minds of consumers, media floods us with the latest “trends” and the next best "thing" on the market. We see diets, ingredients and products come and go. Over the past years consumers of all demographics are increasingly going well beyond wanting a simple ingredient, diet and/or product and we couldn’t be happier with this revelation! 

When we entered the hemp industry 10 years ago, the appeal of having a food that offers health benefits such as; rich in essential fatty acids, protein, fiber, and other important nutrients was a no-brainer for us. However, what really impressed us was the environmental benefits and diversity of the hemp plant. Well beyond the “trend” of hemp that you read about today we knew that the hemp plant and related products were not only a solution for better health, hemp was and is a solution to the many environmental issues that we face, today. 

Ask yourself, what plant on Earth can feed our growing population with such balanced nutritional needs, be used to build houses, create fuel and biodegradable textiles all while giving back to the Earth, restoring our soil, improving air quality and protect our oceans? We stood by this 10 years ago and we stand firmly behind this today, hemp is not a trend it is a solution and will be the most valuable commodity of our evolving world. 

We believe, consumers do not and should not need to choose just one ingredient, one diet or one product. Our needs are different so why do we try to push people in just one direction? Rather, why not created diverse products that fit the needs of many and offer the health and environmental benefits to everyone, not just a few key demographics or geographies? Our Key-to-Life bar is a perfect example of this; full of hemp, keto and paleo friendly, gluten free, vegan, low in sugar, and full of healthy fats and by using hemp as one of the main ingredients it offers tremendous benefits to the Earth. The simple of choice of eating this one bar goes well beyond just one person. Not to mention it taste great!

We might not be the best at following the trends but we do think that being able to sit at a table with family and friends who are diverse and unique in their own respect and to “actually” be able to share the same food is kind of what food is all about. Food is meant to connect us and build community. So, while the articles out there might call hemp a trend, we feel strongly that hemp and hemp filled products have a lot more value to them and are very far from "trendy". We believe that hemp will shift our future and truly change how we eat and consume as humans and reflect our sincere care for our community and Earth.

One choice. Global impact. Pretty impressive that one little plant can do all that! 

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