Hulled Hemp Seed

26 April, 2019


Hulled hemp seed is known by many names. Some have called it shelled hemp seed. Others call it hempnut. Even more call it hemp hearts. Whatever the name you choose, the product remains the same, the very best high protein vegetable source in the world. The most digestible protein, a complete protein and it tastes just terrific!

By adding shelled hemp seed to your diet you will benefit in so many ways. The protein content is so easily digestible, you will actually abosorb the amino acids, unlike many other indigestible sources of proteins like gmo soy. The essential fatty acid content of the oils in the hulled seed will boost your immune system and are excellent for your hair, nails and overall wellbeing. The shelled seed is so easy to eat, you can add it to pretty well everything! We add it to salads, to cerial in the morning, to our smoothies. We make milk out of it, add it to cookies, top bread with it and spread it on toast. It is truly a wonderfood!

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