How Hemp Helps Conquer The Scale

15 April, 2019


Whenever your body gains unwanted weight, it can be a result of many factors. Some of these factors include stress, sedentary lifestyles, symptoms of an illness or medication or simply just a poor diet. Nonetheless, the process of gaining weight always seems easier than the process involved in losing the extra pounds you might have accumulate. And often times a poor diet is usually to blame, or at least part of the story.

Since it is well known that a fit and healthy body is essential in preventing the development of many diseases and health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart and blood pressure abnormalities and even types of cancer, many who have gained extra weight look for healthy means to lose it. Although there are various ways of losing those extra pounds, one of the most obvious being increased and regular exercise, the most common weight loss method, and best way of making sure that you lose weight sustainably is by altering your nutrition and eating habits.

There are many diets out there; some focus on eating only fruits and vegetables, some involve extreme juicing, some are carb free and high protein, some involve a regular intake of special supplements based on a purchased plan, some are low calorie or low fat, we could go on. Overall it is truly overwhelming how many diets there are out there, but that’s just it – they are diets. They are designed to give you fast results and many don’t necessarily have your nutritional health in mind, or aren’t very exciting or appetite stimulating, thus often times leaving you to gain back all that you’ve lost shortly after resuming your usual or desired lifestyle. So how can you add something to your lifestyle that will boost your health and allow for valuable and delicious nutritious food to replace poor choices in daily eating habits? The answer is hemp seed.

Research has shown that the consumption of hemp seeds can help you lose weight more effectively. Hemp seeds are obtained from a particular strain of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. This plant is commonly referred to as Industrial Hemp. It harvests a nutritious seed that provides many health benefits and due to those multifaceted health benefits, hemp seeds are referred to as a “superfood”.

Hemp seeds are a great source of food that aid in weight loss because they have high fiber content (when consumed with the shell on or as a powder), have high protein and omega fatty acid content. Insoluble fiber cannot be broken down by the digestive system and as thus as you consume fiber rich hemp foods they will make you feel satisfied for many hours. In addition to providing satiety, insoluble fiber with also gently cleanse your colon which can benefit in reducing general colon inflammation due to a poor diet. Furthermore, the seeds contain a high complete protein (contain all essential amino acids) and fat content. Protein and fat are naturally slowly digesting nutrients thus they also promote satiety. Due to the high complete protein and omega content, hemp seeds will help to lower your glycemic index, which simultaneously increases your rate of digestion and increases your metabolism when combined with a balanced diet. And have you ever heard of needing “good” fat to burn off “bad” fat? Well hemp seeds contain the Omega 3 and Omega 6 poly-unsaturated fatty acid profile you need in the perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio! Consuming healthy fats helps the body re-set its digestive process for metabolizing bad body fat collected over time.

Because hemp seeds can help boost the rate of your metabolism, excess calories in the body are burned off more effectively. Hemp seeds also contain a lot of phytosterols, which exist naturally in plants. These phytosterols resemble good cholesterol, which research has proved that these nutrients can significantly lower the levels of “bad” HDL cholesterol in the body. This cholesterol arises from the accumulation of saturated fats and other salts in the adipose tissues resulting in weight gain. Hemp seeds can therefore help undo some of the results of bad habits that have accumulated from a poor diet over the years.

Since hemp seeds can help reduce “bad” HDL cholesterol, boost metabolism, lower glycemic levels and keep you fuller for longer, any excess calories are more effectively burned off and the digestive system is more stable, reducing food cravings which is caused by glycemic spikes.

The consumption of hemp seeds is a natural , pleasurable and safe way to help your body lose weight. Not only does it aid in weight loss, it also boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation and enhances brain health. Get on the hemp lifestyle today – incorporate hemp seeds into your diet through various healthy and wholesome recipes.

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