Harvey: The SPCA Rescue

05 June, 2019


Welcome to the Pawsitive FX™ Dog Blog! This blog post is one that is near and dear to our hearts. Cory Boldt, a Pawsitive FX employee, made the decision several years ago to adopt her very own furry friend from the Abbotsford SPCA. The following story was submitted to the SPCA after Cory found, met, adopted, and fell in love with Harvey the rescue. He and Cory adventured through forests, swam in the most beautiful lakes, and scaled mountains together. While he had to leave this earth far too soon, Cory is forever changed and forever thinking about her four-legged best friend. In honour of Harvey, please enjoy this incredible adoption story! 

“What can I say about Harvey? He was my 21st birthday present. My boyfriend at the time travelled frequently for work, and he thought that a dog would be a great companion while he was away. I knew I wanted to adopt, because my family had always adopted animals while I was growing up, and I knew I had a lot of love to give to a dog in need. I scoured PetFinder 5+ times a day, for weeks! Then I found him. A nervous, skinny, absolutely adorable pup I wanted to call my own.

Living on Galiano Island at the time, we travelled into Abbotsford to pick up my new best friend. He was groggy from the anesthetic after receiving his tattoo, but our eyes met and he clung onto me for dear life. I knew, from the photos I had seen of him on PetFinder, that he was going to be skinny; but the reality of it was heartbreaking. Whatever had happened to this guy as a puppy had made him skittish and fearful.The SPCA did an amazing thing rescuing him, and nursing him back to health. Harvey and I have done a lot of work together, and his behaviour is improving immensely. He is beginning to socialize better with people and dogs; considering it’s only been a year, I feel that we have a lot of positive growth ahead of us. We just recently recruited the assistance of a trainer, in our home town of Golden – BC,and hope to make great strides with her as well.

Harvey has been everything to me this past year. A couple of months after I took this pup in, a few other aspects of my life got very complicated, and there was no one better suited for comforting me than Harv. He sleeps in my bed every night, curled up on the extra pillows, with his wet nose on my forehead; and I wake up to his big toothy grin every morning. He has become the ideal hiking companion, and even loves carrying his own gear in his dog-pack! Multi day expeditions are no sweat, and he’s always ready for more! We conquered our first glacier together, we’ve summited mountains together, and we’ve even sailed the open sea together. It may be commonly said, but Harvey truly is my best friend, and I am forever grateful to the SPCA for everything they have done for him, and everything they have done for me, especially for bringing this amazing animal into my life.” 

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