A Possible Cause of Cracks

05 June, 2019


Has the pigment of your pooch’s snout suddenly altered, or has their nose become irritated and raw? Does your dog eat out of a rubber or plastic bowl?

That’s right. Your dog may be having a reaction to the material from which he or she is eating. Plastic Dish Nasal Dermatitis is a very common condition that can be very easily treated and prevented! A symptom of this condition is depigmentation, which can occur in your dog’s nose and lips. There are chemicals in plastic that risk being absorbed into the skin of your pooch while he or she is eating, and can prohibit melanin from being created in the skin. Thus the change in colour of your dog’s nose.

A second symptom of Plastic Dish Nasal Dermatitis is chapped, dry, sore and cracked skin. This is painful to your dog, considering he or she experiences the world most effectively through his or her sense of smell!

If you suspect your dog’s bowl is the culprit of their nose condition, switch their plastic bowl out for a ceramic or stainless steel one. That will prevent it from getting any worse! While your pup’s snout heals, we recommend that you give Happy Snouts™ a try in order to replenish their skin with nutrients and moisture. By applying it 2-3 times a day, we guarantee that your pooch’s nose will be back to feeling its best quicker than a greyhound on rollerskates.

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