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Hemp Protein Powder (NATURAL)

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Pure, raw 100% Canadian grown hemp protein powder with 50% protein concentration. Contains a complete amino acid protein profile. No artificial flavours or additives, just hemp seed. Available in 1 lb, 5 lb bags and 25 lb buckets for retail purchase as well as 50lb bulk bags and 2000lb totes for wholesale purchase. (please contact info@naturallysplendid.com for bulk/wholesale orders)

Are you someone who is looking for an alternative to whey protein or to meat? We love hemp protein because is it a complete vegetable based protein (unlike pea or rice protein), is gluten free, contains fiber and is processed naturally using no chemical procedures. As a vegan or vegetarian protein source, hemp protein powder is an ideal source of vegetable based proteins. Hemp protein powder is defatted hemp seed cake (the bi-product of cold-pressing for hemp seed oil) milled and sifted through various screens resulting in a final product with 50% protein concentration. There are no other additives or flavours or chemical processes used in creating our finished hemp protein powder product like many products on today’s counters made from soy or whey protein. Hemp protein powder has quite low carbohydrate levels and does not contain oligosaccharides, which is a sugar. Soy for example is very high in oligosaccharides, which cause flatulence and bloating. Our hemp protein powder is available in certified organic to ensure that through processing the final food product is as naturally clean and pure as possible. In addition, our entire hemp protein product is raw, 100% Canadian grown and Non-GMO. 

One of the common arguments against hemp protein is that soy has a much higher total protein count then hemp seeds. But hemp seed protein is free of the Tryspin inhibitors, which block protein absorption that is found in abundance in soy. As mentioned above, soy also contains very high levels of oligosaccharides causing unpleasant symptoms for many people. Hemp protein contains all 20 known amino acids including the 8 essential and 2 semi-essential amino acids (EAAs) our bodies cannot produce. Proteins are considered complete when they contain all 9 essential amino acids in a sufficient quantity and ratio to meet the body’s protein requirements. This is why pea and rice protein are not considered complete proteins and are typically combined in finished food products to created a “complete protein” product. The fact that hemp protein is naturally complete makes hemp seeds perfect for vegans, vegetarians or anyone who is looking to reduce the meat content of their diet. Hemp seed protein can supply all of the protein requirements without the bad saturated fats in meat and without the stomach upset from soy. In addition, since it is so easy to digest the proteins from hemp seeds, the energy you get is impressive when compared with other foods. For example, did you know that hemp seeds have a higher overall digestibility than soy or rice. In addition to the proteins in hemp seed being highly digestible, they are also made up of the best kind of proteins which are the closest to the type of protein found in human blood: Edestin. Edestin aids digestion and is the backbone of humnan cellular DNA. The protein in hemp seed is compromised of approximately 65% Edestin. The remaining protein is Albumin, another high quality globulin protein similar to that found in egg whites. Hemp protein powder is the ultimate high protein food.

Store in a cool (<20C), dry place, out of direct sunlight such as a dark pantry.

Product is best before 14 months from manufacture date, please note the lot number and best before date marked on each container. Once opened the shelf life is approximately 4-6 months if kept in refrigerator or freezer. Product freshness depends on storage conditions.

Incorporate into your favourite smoothie recipes for protein or extra fiber content. Can be added to spreads and tapenades for added flavour, texture, protein and fiber content. Add to various baking recipes for additional protein and flavour content in your bread, pancakes or muffins etc. Please note: this product does not mix well with water alone due to its high insoluble fiber content. For best results for creating quick hemp protein shakes, mix product in a shaker cup with your favourite liquid ingredient (such as milk, almond milk or similar) and cocoa to add dimensional flavour to this pure product.

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