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Hemp Protein 369 Vanilla Caramel

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With NATERA TM Hemp Protein 369, we make it simple, convenient, and delicious to stay committed to fueling your body with the nutrition it needs to train, perform and recover. This hemp-based shake combines superior protein and healthy fats to help you stay in the game and excel. Hemp Protein 369 is a complete nutrition source, it supplies superior protein, the most digestible form of any plant and Its overall nutrition profile benefits athletes of all levels.

Quite possibly the most versatile superfood ever,

Athletic exertion demands superior nutrition, with our Hemp Protein 369, that is exactly what you get. This functional beverage or meal replacement shake provides 13 grams of advanced hemp protein boosted with HempOmega  TM to help you train hard and recover well. Vanilla Caramel flavour is a treat for the taste buds along with Ginseng extract for added energy.

HempOmegaTM is a homogeneous powder created from micro encapsulated 100% Canadian hemp seed oil.

It offers superior bio-availability of omega fatty acids which are more sustainable than other omega delivery systems.

Store in a cool (room temperature or less), dry place, out of direct sunlight. Recommended to refrigerate product after opening. Can be stored long term in freezer to prolong freshness. Product is best before 12 months from manufacture date, please note the lot number and best before date marked on each container. Product freshness highly depends on storage conditions.

Contains no artificial additives or preservatives.

Hemp seed protein, Natural vanilla flavor, HempOmega™ (Cold pressed hemp seed oil, Modified food starch, Lecithin, Silica, Antioxidants), Stevia extract , Natural caramel flavor, Ginseng root

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