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Hemp Protein (Dark Chocolate)

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If chocolate makes life truly worth living, Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder is for you. It’s a raw, whole food ultra-rich in protein, fiber, essential fatty and amino acids and omegas, vitamins, chlorophyll and calcium – and blended with rich natural dark chocolate.  

Why Hemp Protein Powder?

 It is finally here. A hemp protein powder suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who wants to boost proteins in their diet without having to consume whey or soy proteins. The protein powder is an amazing product. With a total protein percentage guaranteed to be more than 50% we do not know of a better source of vegetable based proteins anywhere else.

Why is hemp seed protein such a good choice? Simply because it is a perfect protein containing all of the essential amino acids which your body needs to ingest. On top of having all of the amino acids, hemp protein also is 90% digestible meaning that only 10% of the protein is passed out of the digestive tract without being digested. While this is not as high as egg, typically with a 97% digestion level, it is a lot higher than soy which typically comes in at 78% or lower. Meat and fish are around the 94% mark. Peanuts have a higher digestibility at around 95% but only 25% of the peanut is actually protein whereas the hemp protein powder is 50% or greater. 

Each serving is loaded healthy hemp goodness. It’s sugar-free, sweetened instead with low-glycemic natural stevia. Just two tablespoons a day has you covered. How does a chocolate hemp shake sound? Not even a bit sinful. Enjoy optimum health your way.


  • Aspartic Acid 1388 mg
  • Threonine 466 mg
  • Serine 689 mg
  • Glutamic Acid 2363 mg
  • Glycine 617 mg
  • Alanine 580 mg
  • Valine 584 mg
  • Methionine 270 mg
  • Isoleucine 506 mg
  • Leucine 881 mg
  • Tyrosine 455 mg
  • Histidine 367 mg
  • Lysine 561 mg
  • Arginine 1695 mg
  • Proline 737 mg
  • Cysteine 254 mg

Store in a cool (room temperature or less), dry place, out of direct sunlight. Recommended to refrigerate product after opening. Can be stored long term in freezer to prolong freshness. Product is best before 12 months from manufacture date, please note the lot number and best before date marked on each container. Product freshness highly depends on storage conditions.

Contains no artificial additives or preservatives.

Ingredients: 100% Canadian Raw Hemp Protein, 100% Cocoa Powder, Stevia Extract, Sodium Chloride

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