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Naturally Splendid is positioned for the plant-based consumer market.

The Company’s 100% owned Prosnack Natural Foods operates a certified food manufacturing facility in Pitt Meadows BC. Since 2017, this facility has produced millions of nutritious plant-based bars and bites for the Company’s brands as well as for contract manufacturing clients. The facility is currently undergoing a retrofitting that will enable the production of up to 30 tons of plant-based appetizers and entrees daily.

Naturally Splendid is a publicly-traded company listed on the TSX.V in Canada, the Frankfurt Exchange in Europe; as well as the OTCQB in the United States.

Facility Certifications

Research and Development

Naturally Splendid, through their strategic partnership with Australia’s largest plant-based manufacturer Flexitarian Foods, has access to market-changing IP and a world-class R&D Team when it comes to product development.

To date, Flexitarian Foods has developed over thirty (30) plant-based consumer ready products. Development time for new plant-based products can be as little as six to eight weeks, whereas most all our competitors take significantly more time developing products that typically takes months in time, but commonly takes a year or more to bring new product to market. The ability to get new products to market in an industry leading time period, creates a significant competitive advantage.

Previously the Company has embarked on research and development creating novel ingredients from hemp oil, HempOmegaTM and a hemp protein isolate for mainstream products and with the increased activity in plant-based nutrition. Given the current state of plant-based diets and nutrition, the Company will continue to seek opportunities for these novel ingredients.

Corporate Responsibility

At Naturally Splendid we believe in the power of innovation to create change. And we believe that including more plant-based offerings to meet your nutritional needs is a change the world very much needs today.

Our Corporate Responsibility commitment is to maintain morally sound policies, systems and procedures to ensure that our company is creating sustainable plant-based products and bio-technologies that have a positive impact on our consumers, the economy, and our environment.

We will put the necessary measures in place to guarantee that our company has a positive impact on the world around us, and that we maintain the highest quality in our standards of ethical conduct.

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.