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Naturally Splendid® Enterprises is a “superfood” company focused on providing products for men women and children that offer functional benefits beyond basic nutrition. Our target markets are people who want to take more control over their health by consuming healthy, nutritious, good tasting foods as part of a balanced diet.

Naturally Splendid® Enterprises has chosen hemp and hemp derivatives as our core product. Hemp has an unparalleled ingredient composition which includes protein, omega, fibre, minerals and vitamins. It is our view that the growth potential for hemp food products will surpass all other ingredient supplements on a global basis.

Naturally Splendid® Enterprises is the first publicly traded hemp food company in the world. Our plans include a product line expansion based on hemp ingredients as well as the inclusion of other “superfoods” identified and in demand by a growing segment of consumers.

Government Support

Naturally Splendid® has received federal and provincial funding towards the research and development of new value added hemp-based food products as well as for a vertical integration feasibility study. Success with these projects may open the door for further government funding and support. The hemp sector in particular has been the recipient of numerous grants and loan programs as both federal and provincial governments learn about and support initiatives targeted at discovery and expansion.

The Company has received financial support from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). The funding will assist with the cost of product development on a proprietary, delivery system for hemp-oil Omega products.

Nature’s “Perfect Food”

Hemp has the most digestible protein of any member of the plant kingdom, the perfect balance of omega-­-3 and omega-­-6, is rich in chlorophyll and the green plant phytonutrients found in the best green leafy vegetables, low in carbs/sugars and high in fibre. It offers more balanced nutritional value in one small “package” than any other cultivated crop on earth.

Rising Demand for Healthy Foods

In a world filled with people dealing with cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and obesity there is an ever increasing number of consumers attempting to manage and prevent a variety of health issues through a healthier diet.

On March 1 2012, ten thousand Baby Boomers turned 65. Ten thousand more turned 65 the next day… and ten thousand more will turn 65 every day for the next 18 years.

Retail sales of natural and organic foods are growing over 4 times faster than conventional groceries.

Growing Product Niche

Canadian companies in the functional foods and nutraceuticals industry – ranging from small startups to multinationals – generate an estimated $4 billion in revenues annually.

Major grocery retailers are becoming more deeply committed to natural and organic products.

Experienced Management Team

Our team is comprised of experts in sales and marketing, financial and risk management, public markets, retail, agricultural production and marketing, business building and transportation.

Industry Partnerships

Research and Development

Strategic partnerships exist with government agencies including the federal agricultural support program Growing Forward 2, the National Research Council of Canada and Food Processing Development Centers. NSE has been successful in securing funding for three projects to date and has developed strong lines of communication and understanding with arms of both the federal and provincial government agricultural departments. NSE has also partnered with private sector research companies to develop new value added products and innovative product delivery mechanisms for our superfood lines. NSE also supports the activities of the Canadian hemp Trade Alliance as the single industry association dedicated to the growth and expansion of the hemp industry in Canada.

Canada Brand Program

Naturally Splendid® was officially accepted into the Canada Brand Program in June of 2012. We are now eligible to post the Canada Brand logo as a 100% Canadian product on our packaging and marketing materials.

“Market research has proven that consumers associate the Canada Brand identifiers with safe, high-quality products…”

“Research shows that the maple leaf symbol is strongly associated with Canada and that Canada is associated with good things that food buyers value. 80% of consumers polled in a recent study claimed they would be more likely to buy a food product that is clearly labeled as Canadian…”

“It is fair to conclude that promoting food products as Canadian in the domestic market will lead to an increase in sales for those products. And in some cases the increase in sales can be dramatic; 30% or more.”

Non-GMO Project Verification Program

Naturally Splendid® received acceptance in the Non-GMO Project Verification Program in September 2012 and has approval to post the Non GMO label on several of our current products.

Non-GMO certification of products is a significant driver for consumer buying trends:

Retail sales of natural and organic foods are growing over 4 times faster than conventional groceries.

“Polls consistently show that a significant majority of North Americans would like to be able to tell if the food they are purchasing contains GMOs (a 2008 CBS News Poll found that 87% of consumers wanted GMOs labeled). And, according to a recent CBS/NewYork Times poll, 53% of consumers said they would not buy food that has been genetically modified.”

Corporate Responsibility

At Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. (NSE), we believe in the power of innovation to create change. Our Corporate Responsibility commitment is to maintain morally sound policies, systems and procedures to ensure that our company is creating products and bio-technologies that have a positive impact on our consumers, the economy, and our environment.

Through our exploration of hemp, the world’s most multi-faceted plant, we will strive to uncover the broad spectrum of applications of which this plant is capable. We will put the necessary measures in place to guarantee that our company has a positive impact on the world around us, and that we maintain the highest quality in our standards of ethical conduct.

Experienced Management Team

Our team is comprised of experts in sales and marketing, financial and risk management, public markets, retail, agricultural production and marketing, business building and transportation.

Our efforts surrounding hemp are focused on the following areas where we believe we can have the most impact:

  • Nutritional Biotechnologies
  • Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals
  • Superfoods & Industrial Hemp

In all of these areas, NSE’s Management and Board of Directors have developed a set of corporate guidelines to ensure that necessary measures are implemented to maintain our high standard of ethical conduct. These guidelines set out the principles by which Naturally Splendid is guided and describe the responsibilities it has towards its shareholders, employees, partners, local communities, and the environment.

Corporate Responsibility goes far beyond simply having these guidelines in place. NSE has integrated these high values with our corporate culture so that they effectively echo in all echelons of the organization. Our commitment to Corporate Responsibility reaches from our workforce, to our senior management, to our research, to our market, and ultimately to our products and bio-technologies.


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