Naturally Splendid® Enterprises is a “superfood” company focused on providing products for men women and children that offer functional benefits beyond basic nutrition. Our target markets are people who want to take more control over their health by consuming healthy, nutritious, good tasting foods as part of a balanced diet.

Naturally Splendid® Enterprises has chosen hemp and hemp derivatives as our core product. Hemp has an unparalleled ingredient composition which includes protein, omega, fibre, minerals and vitamins. It is our view that the growth potential for hemp food products will surpass all other ingredient supplements on a global basis.

Naturally Splendid® Enterprises is the first publicly traded hemp food company in the world. Our plans include a product line expansion based on hemp ingredients as well as the inclusion of other “superfoods” identified and in demand by a growing segment of consumers.

Government Support

Naturally Splendid® has received federal and provincial funding towards the research and development of new value added hemp-based food products as well as for a vertical integration feasibility study. Success with these projects may open the door for further government funding and support. The hemp sector in particular has been the recipient of numerous grants and loan programs as both federal and provincial governments learn about and support initiatives targeted at discovery and expansion.

The Company has received financial support from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). The funding will assist with the cost of product development on a proprietary, delivery system for hemp-oil Omega products.

Nature’s “Perfect Food”

Hemp has the most digestible protein of any member of the plant kingdom, the perfect balance of omega-­-3 and omega-­-6, is rich in chlorophyll and the green plant phytonutrients found in the best green leafy vegetables, low in carbs/sugars and high in fibre. It offers more balanced nutritional value in one small “package” than any other cultivated crop on earth.

Rising Demand for Healthy Foods

In a world filled with people dealing with cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and obesity there is an ever increasing number of consumers attempting to manage and prevent a variety of health issues through a healthier diet.

On March 1 2012, ten thousand Baby Boomers turned 65. Ten thousand more turned 65 the next day… and ten thousand more will turn 65 every day for the next 18 years.

Retail sales of natural and organic foods are growing over 4 times faster than conventional groceries.

Growing Product Niche

Canadian companies in the functional foods and nutraceuticals industry – ranging from small startups to multinationals – generate an estimated $4 billion in revenues annually.

Major grocery retailers are becoming more deeply committed to natural and organic products.

Experienced Management Team

Our team is comprised of experts in sales and marketing, financial and risk management, public markets, retail, agricultural production and marketing, business building and transportation.


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