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Food Service

From Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) to high-end dining, we got you covered. We have a wide selection of plant-based meat alternatives to substitute any item on your menu or we can be the featured center plate protein for a meal.

Naturally Splendid offers eight (8) SKUs for Food Service:
Plant-Based Burger
Plant-Based Tenders
Plant-Based Sweet Chili Tenders
Plant-Based Nuggets
Plant-Based Schnitzel
Plant-Based Phishy Fillet
Plant-Based Garlic Kiev
Plant-Based Crispy Burger

Our plant-based products are created to suit a wide range of applications and tastes.

Expand Your Menu With Plantein

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National Distribution

Established relationships with Canada’s largest distributors including

Custom Formulate Plant-Based Entrees For Your Establishment

Bring us your plant-based ideas and let us turn those ideas into delicious entrees.

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