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Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally Splendid’s stock symbols are NSP (TSX.V, Canada), NSPDF (OTC:QB, United States), and 50N.F (Frankfurt Exchange, Germany). The Company’s CUSIP number is 63902L. (CUSIP stands for Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures, an American Bankers Association entity that developed a system to uniquely identify securities trading in the United States.)

Shares of Naturally Splendid stock can be purchased directly through the company’s stock transfer agent, or you may purchase shares directly from a broker or from another stockholder.

The transfer agent for Naturally Splendid’s common stock is:
510 Burrard Street
3rd Floor
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6C 3B9
1 800 564 6253

This web site (www.naturallysplendid.com) provides a wide range of information, including corporate overviews, product descriptions, and other financial and operational material. Visitors to the site will find additional information and Investor Relations assets as they become available.

Naturally Splendid’s SEDAR filings are made available over the Internet by various service providers, including this website’s Filings Page, or you can search and download the information directly from the SEDAR website, at www.sedar.com

Biographies of Naturally Splendid’s directors and related information can be found on the Who We Are Section of this website.

Biographies of Naturally Splendid’s corporate officers and related information can be found on the Who We Are Section of this website.

Please email [email protected] or call (604-465-0548) (Toll free: 1-888-692-0902) or go to the Contact form on the Naturally Splendid website.

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