It is a singular moment. One conscious choice to take one step forward. It is knowing in order to do better you need to be better. A quiet awareness that your energy is action in motion. Choosing to embrace your unique strengths and power and letting them change you, all the while knowing in just one moment with one conscious choice and one step forward you can change the world. One choice, global impact.


Every second of every day is a new opportunity. Natera Sport™ is here to support you in being your best you. Welcome to your unique journey. Rise Up. What is your ripple effect going to be?

Analyze Your Goal

Work Hard On It

Improve Your Health

Achieve Internal Happiness



Canoe Slalom

Haley Daniels

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

What makes them a great Natera Sport Ambassador: Haley not only impresses us in her athletic ability on the world stage (go Canada!) she continually astounds us with her passion for community, the environment, inspiring youth and top athletes alike to build and create their own personal meaningful stories.  She embodies strength and passion in her tremendous level of commitment and integrity in everything she does. A leader in her sport and equally so in her vast and meaningful contributions to the community. Haley’s incredible sense of values and dedication make her a champion on and off the water!

High Diving

Lysanne Richard

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

What makes them a great Natera Sport Ambassador: Our motto at Natera Sport is “Raise Your Bar”, Lysanne lives this motto in every way. If you are wondering about her sport find a body of water and look as far up as you can, you might just see this 37-year-old mother of 3, wife and all around dynamo diving from amazing heights. Besides being an incredible and inspirational and well decorated athlete, Lysanne is kind, bright and dedicated in every area of her life. She reminds us to raise the bar and that anything is possible! We can’t wait to see the new and exciting heights she reaches!

Ultra Runner

Derrick Spafford

Hometown: Yarker, Ontario

What makes them a great Natera Sport Ambassador: Derrick has so many attributes and accomplishment as a person and athlete, it is tough to sum it up in brief! The level at which he embodies his love for the outdoors, the environment and all things athletic is nothing less than phenomenal. It is safe to say Derrick lives his athletic passion in every aspect of his life. One of the incredibly cool (and amazing) tidbits on Derrick? He has run every single day since, Boxing Day 1989! Not one day off, for sickness, injury, work, rest, play or anything else! When we think passion and dedication, we think of Derrick Spafford. Simply amazing and inspirational!

Beach Volleyball

Grant O’Gorman and Ben Saxton

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

What makes them great Natera Sport Ambassador’s: It is said that a happy marriage is a cocktail of open communication, honesty, hard work, and a whole lotta love. While not married when we met this Canadian Beach Volleyball dynamic duo, this is exactly what we saw. Their passion and commitment to each other as team mates, their common goals and respect for one another was impressive. To be exceptional at any sport at their level is amazing, the personality and team work that Grant and Ben bring, makes us huge fans and remind us that relationships are at the heart of everything! 

Martial Artist

Kaleb C.

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

What makes them a great Natera Sport Ambassador: Aside from being a dedicated and accomplished martial artist, simply put Kaleb is an exceptional human. His passion for keeping our Earth healthy, his sense of humility, mature and genuine care for all he involves himself in is truly an inspiration. Bottom line, in every choice and action Kaleb takes he makes the world a better place. We think he is pretty amazing!!

Endurance Athlete

Michael Glasser

Hometown: Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

What makes them a great Natera Sport Ambassador: When we hear the phrase “can do” we think of Michael Glasser. Beyond being an endurance athlete who continually challenges himself with extreme physical goals, Michael is a husband, father of two, paramedic, volunteer fire fighter and co-founded (with his wife, Kait) a charity called Operation Hope that serves those in need in the Vancouver downtown eastside area. Michael is a truly all-around great human. We don’t know where he finds the time or energy for it all, but he does! We think he is pretty inspirational!


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