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Our Mission

We believe in making a conscious choice.

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian, we aim to provide delicious plant-based foods that fit into everyone’s lifestyle.

Our Vision

To encourage a world where everybody works toward reducing their carbon footprint by sincerely reducing their meat intake one meal at a time.

Company Founders

Craig Goodwin, CEO Co-Founder

Craig is a Co-founder of Naturally Splendid and was the Company’s first CEO from 2012 to 2016. In 2019, Craig stepped back into the CEO position where he guides the Company’s strategic plan, focusing on plant-based nutrition.

Under Craig’s direction, the Company achieved sales of over $15,000,000 including exporting more than $7,000,000 of hemp to South Korea.

Bryan Carson, Executive Vice President

Bryan is a Co-Founder of Naturally Splendid. Bryan's journey in plant-based products and nutrition began when he discovered the versatility of the superfood hemp and the wide applications and potential that this amazing plant held. Since those early days Bryan has gone on to oversee the development of a number of retail products and brands for the Company.

In addition to Executive Vice-President, Bryan is a Director for Naturally Splendid.

Through our latest project, we have added a popular line of plant-based products called Plantein. With this new adventure, Naturally Splendid has landed in one of the fastest growing markets in North America, plant-based foods! Stick around, we have BIG plans for the future

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