Our Vision

To be a leading provider of high quality plant-based functional foods and ingredients giving value to our customers, guided by sustainable principles.

Enhancing health, lifestyle and the quality of life.

Our response was to apply advanced technology and science to hemp, and build a company that provides consumers, manufacturers and retailers access to high quality hemp products. We wanted to build a company that brings hemp to the forefront of health, innovation and bio pharmaceuticals. Naturally Splendid has achieved this through consumer facing retail brands, scientific hemp breakthroughs with HempOmega, fulfilling wholesale plant based ingredients and applying science to the medicinal CBD industry. Most importantly, our goal was to create products that people love, benefit from and are good for the environment.



Our hemp and plant based retail product brands NATERA Hemp Foods, PawsitiveFX, CHII were created to service the various ways in which consumers can benefit from hemp and other plant based ingredients. We want to impact people’s lives by instilling hemp into today’s growing healthy lifestyle culture. Through the presence of these brands we want to grow this awareness in the consumer health goods market as well as in social media and populate culture, so that we can help educate and direct today’s growing population towards a better and more sustainable way of life.

Our bulk and wholesale division NATERA Ingredients connects the market with all these wonderful hemp and plant based superfood ingredients by supplying them only the very best quality products out there, at competitive prices all processed in our first class facilities. Meanwhile, our Bio-Tech sector specializes in using the extraordinary science behind hemp and similar plant super foods to, through industry breakthroughs, create a spectrum of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical solutions for a growing world in demand of innovative medicines and supplements.

Why We Matter

Ultimately we hope that the recognition of the multifaceted benefits of hemp and plant based ingredients will generate a greater demand on the commercial hemp and plant ingredient industries and thus allow hemp and other plants alike to economically reach all lives on a global scale.

When it comes to hemp, asides from its incredible nutritional and medicinal benefits it is a leader among the essentially environmental and sustainable ingredients we harvest. Here is why...


It is a completely reusable resource in every aspect: pull fibre, protein, cellulose, oil and biomass.


Hemp converts 4X the amount of CO2 to O2 compared to trees during its quick 12-14 weeks growing cycle.


Hemp can yield 4X the volume of fibre per acre compared to trees. A hemp crop can be harvested in 90-120 days. Trees, once harvested, will need about 25 years to recover from deforestation.

Soil & Water


Hemp is proving to be the best phyto-remediative plant found today. Planting hemp at polluted sites helps to break down toxic chemicals, remove nuclear elements, stabilize and clean up metal contaminants, pesticides, solvents and crude oil by acting as the world’s best natural filter.

Water Filter

Also known as a “Mop Crop”, hemp clears impurities out of waste water, such as sewage effluent, excessive phosphorus and other unwanted substances or chemicals.



Our entire corporate culture and vision at Naturally Splendid Enterprises stands behind the fundamental expectation that the only way we can progressively move forward in a changing world is through sustainable and environmentally conscientious practices. We have every intention of creating a footprint through the green power of hemp and plant based ingredients to change the way we live through the products we use all for a better life and most importantly a better earth.

For any further information on our products, our facility or general questions please contact us.

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