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Plant based foods bring with them more fibre, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and less damaging fats than meat based diets. You will surely benefit immensely from eating a diet that is loaded with plant-powerful foods.

Today, whether you a health of food industry expert such as a physician, naturopath, foodie, dietician, nutritionist, fitness coach, vegan or vegetarian, one thing we can all agree on it that more whole and plant based foods will enrich our bodies and lifestyles. Plant based foods contain more antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre and less damaging saturated fats. Going plant based today does not mean you need to settle for a diet heavy in only veggies and fruits, there are more options out there today for plant based carbohydrates and proteins, hemp seed being a superstar complete plant based protein. Choosing this path will provide not only immediate lifestyle benefits but will also be preventative for many years to come. Those who choose a plant-based diet, not only feel better but also enjoy the economical benefits of a plant-based diet.

In addition to the well-known nutritional benefits, the following are some multifaceted health benefits of a plant-based diet:

Diabetes Prevention:

Approximately 387 million people live with diabetes according to the International Diabetes Federation. The IDF also holds that this number might rise to roughly 600 million by 2035. Type II diabetes is preventable. In fact, plenty of research suggests that plant powered foods can be of great help in warding off the disease. For example, hemp seed is a low glycemic index food, which in additional to its many nutritional benefits, can also help with blood sugar regulation for those with diabetes or as a preventative measure to regulate insulin levels.

Hypertension Control:

Many recent research studies including some by the Harvard School of Public Health show that diets loaded with veggies, fruits and other plant-based foods can lower high blood pressure. About one in three American adults suffer from high blood pressure. This means that these individuals are at a higher risk of contracting heart diseases and stroke, which are the two leading causes of death in North America.

Heart Health:

Harvard researchers managed to track the health habits of roughly 110, 000 individuals for fourteen years. Their discovery was mind blowing – they found out that those who consumed more vegetables and fruits had lower chances of contracting cardiovascular disease. To be specific, individuals that averaged eight-plus servings of veggies and fruits per day were 30% less likely to develop stroke or a heart attack compared to those that had 1.5 daily servings or less.

Plant based foods help in maintaining and regaining health:

Animal powered diets are highly acid forming. Plant based food on the other hand are alkalizing – meaning they keep your bones healthy and strong. Plant based foods drastically reduce the risk of cancer as well as ‘diseases of the affluence’ such as diabetes.

Helps with a healthy intestinal transit:

In sensitive matters of healthy stool size and shape, plant based diets might produce a healthier gut flora, and the healthiest stools. These foods might also lead to more frequent and consistently larger bowel movements. In fact, the results of eating these diets are much better compare to taking fibre supplements or eating prunes (which might be crucial in preventing an array of health problems). For instance, excreting excess estrogen seems to help lower the risk of developing breast cancer. Your urine can also be tested to see how alkaline-forming your diet is to inspire whether you should consume more dark green leafy vegetables.

Weight Loss:

Plant based eating might successfully control weight. Plenty of research holds that vegetarians or mainly plant-based eaters, have a tendency to take in fewer and higher quality calories that are free of processed ingredients and saturated fats. Therefore, they tend to have lower body mass indexes compared to non-vegetarians.

In Summary

Plant based foods bring with them more fibre, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and less damaging fat. You will surely benefit immensely from eating a diet that is loaded with plant-powerful foods. However, plant based diets are often questioned because of the lack of protein rich foods that are plant based. The knowledge about protein based plant foods is growing and hemp seed is at the forefront of the solution to getting adequate protein when on a plant based diet and more. Hemp seed contains all essential amino acids required for the human body making it a complete protein and alternative for meat and fish products. In addition it also contains high levels of omega fatty acids (Omega 3,6, & 9) as well as highly essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, folate, copper, manganese etc. and also much needed insoluble fibre, which most people lack in their daily diets. Hemp seed is the ultimate superstar plant based food and should be incorporated into every plant based diet.

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