Pawsitive FX

PawsitiveFX is an all natural pet care retail line dedicated to providing high quality pet products that are not only healthy and effective, but also environmentally sustainable. Using carefully sourced ingredients, among them hemp seed oil, to formulate the dog loving retail line, Pawsitive FX™ is committed to becoming a leader in the pet care and pet health industries. Naturally Splendid’s urgency to create a line of hemp seed oil derived products for dogs came from inspiration of its employees, many of whom were dog owners and wanted to pass off the goodness of hemp to their best friends. Today, Naturally Splendid donates 25 cents per unit of product sold to support select animal welfare organization and also has an active partnership with its local pet shelter BC SPCA, the Cesar Millan Foundation and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

PawsitiveFX supplies pet stores and retailers across North America with 100% natural products which contain the potent healing powers of plant based butter, extracts and oils to sooth dry, cracked paws and snouts, with new dog care products in development coming soon. Our waxes and balms are a favourite of many dog owners and dogs alike and are reviewed by our customers to be often more effective than topical medicinal prescriptions meant to heal the dog’s affected areas. The use of hemp seed products for pets is growing and PawsitiveFX aims to be its leader in innovation using hemp to alleviate damaged paws, noses and skin.


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