CHII (Chi Hemp Industries Incorporated) is a limited liability corporation that was acquired by Naturally Splendid in 2015. Since it was incorporated in 1998, CHII has been in the business of growing, supplying, facilitating and diversifying the commercial hemp industry, while encouraging a 100% sustainable approach to all aspects of the agriculture industry and commerce associated with it. Since its founding in the late 90s, CHII has been actively working to promote the Canadian Hemp Industry through a grassroots movement to re-educate the public on the many wonderful and beneficial virtues of the hemp seed plant. This new partnership with Naturally Splendid through the 2015 acquisition has allowed CHII to have even greater resources to spread the goodness of hemp and sustain continuous quality product for its customers.

CHII’s brand is focused on bulk online sales and wholesale sales only. The vision of CHII has always been to provide consumers, from at home users to small businesses to large scale global commodity companies, with the best value and quality for bulk priced hemp food products. We are anchored by an assurance of quality for our customers – all the hemp that goes into CHII products is meticulously cultivated and processed to ensure maximum quality, real health benefits and superior taste. Agricultural practices are highly sustainable among our growers.

In early 2014, CHII went through a full re-brand and re-launch of its online platform which in turn showed growth in revenue online of almost 100% increase within several months. The expertise and proprietary knowledge of the new marketing strategies and business development that were rolled out under this re-brand for CHII have been applied to all of Naturally Splendid’s other retail and biotech brands under consultation from CHII’s branding and marketing experts.


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