HempOmega is a scientific breakthrough of Naturally Splendid Enterprises. HempOmega is a homogenous powder created from microencapsulated, 100% Canadian hemp seed oil. It is a high-quality and sustainable omega fatty acid alternative ingredient. Due to its unique powder format, it solves the formulation challenge manufacturers face when trying to add oil to existing products and has proven to increase the bioavailability of omega fatty acids. HempOmega is the first born in a generation of plant-based bioactive ingredients that Naturally Splendid is expanding upon.

Naturally Splendid’s vision is to make a difference in the health and quality of life of individuals as well as give back to the earth through ecologically regenerative and sustainable farming practices. By carefully listening to what the market’s demand for omega nutrition, and acknowledging the unique qualities of hemp seed oil, Naturally Splendid made it their mission to create a superior plant-based omega solution of the highest quality and finest production processes possible. Through scientific research, clinical studies, and innovative academic partnerships, Naturally Splendid has created the HempOmega ingredient – a health benefiting, sustainable and scientifically-proven product that is the turning point for the health food and supplement industry.

BPC is Naturally Splendid’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Saskatoon, SK, Canada is where formulation and manufacturing of HempOmega takes place. This 13,700 sq ft facility is exceptionally designed and constructed to exceed required guidelines for food, cosmetics and drug manufacturing. All the hemp seed oil that goes into our HempOmega powder is meticulously cultivated and processed to ensure maximum quality, real health benefits and superior taste. Agricultural practices are highly sustainable among our growers. From the farms that grow our hemp seed, through production, packaging and transportation, we are committed to acting in an ethical and environmentally beneficial way while delivering on our promise of this incredibly nutritious, perfected by nature and safe omega food.


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