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To be a leading provider of high quality plant-based functional foods and ingredients giving value to our customers, guided by sustainable principles.

Enhancing health, lifestyle and the quality of life.

8000 BCE

The first known existence of hemp in Taiwan is recorded. Hemp rope on pottery is dated back to before 8000 BCE.

6000-2000 BCE

Hemp is first used as food in China in 6000 BCE, for construction of the pyramids in Egypt in 3500 BCE and first recorded to be medicinally used as a health product by Emperor Shen Neng of China in 2737 BCE.


Hemp is used in the construction of many roman style arch bridges, many of which stand to this day throughout France, Italy and Greece.

1600 - 1800s

Hemp is widely used for paper, textiles, rope, construction material and canvas for painting around the world. The US becomes a leading agricultural producer of hemp in the 1800s.


The US Congress Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 inhibits the growth of the hemp agricultural industry for textiles, food and construction material due to the new heavy taxation system which is lobbied to help increase the synthetic fiber industry. In the 1940s the criminalization of Marijuana, a close relative to industrial hemp seed Canabis Sativa L., began resulting in the ban on grown industrial hemp seed due to association.


The Canadian Government legalizes growing industrial hemp seed, a once thriving agricultural sector that has been on a 30+ year hiatus is reborn. The hemp movement is rejuvenated within Canadian Agricultural economy once again. Naturally Splendid’s newly acquired CHII Naturally Pure Hemp is incorporated in May 1998.


Naturally Splendid Enterprises is founded and subsequently launches their 4 retail brands and 4 biotech divisions in the next few years. In 2015 the company shows its biggest increase in stock value as it exemplifies rapid climb as a leader within its industry.


Naturally Splendid undergoes a re-brand and re-launch of its brands division including the launch of a new marketing initiative for its online platforms. Innovative progress is continued to be made in its innovative bioactive ingredients as well as partnerships for HempOmega and CBD distribution within the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets. Large global hemp distribution deals are formalized from a new partnership in South Korea.

Our response was to apply advanced technology and science to hemp, and build a company that provides consumers, manufacturers and retailers access to high quality hemp products. We wanted to build a company that brings hemp to the forefront of health, innovation and bio pharmaceuticals. Naturally Splendid has achieved this through consumer facing retails brands, scientific hemp breakthroughs with HempOmega, fulfilling wholesale plant based ingredients and applying science to the medicinal CBD industry. Most importantly, our goal was to create products that people love, benefit from and are good for the environment.


Our Hemp Brands

From the Earth to our Consumers

NATERA, Naturally Splendid’s hemp foods retail line launched in October 2013 and features a broad spectrum of hemp-based food products including flavoured hemp seed and protein powders that are available online and in retail outlets in Canada and the United States.

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CHII’s brand is focused on bulk online sales and wholesale sales only. The vision of CHII has always been to provide consumers, from at home users to small businesses to large scale global commodity companies, with the best value and quality for bulk priced hemp food products.

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PawsitiveFX is an all natural pet care company dedicated to providing high quality pet products that are not only healthy and effective, but also environmentally sustainable...

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ELEVATE ME is a branch of Naturally Splendid focused on healthy meal replacement products that include energy bars and on-the-go oatmeals.

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Hemp Science

Our first-class facilities develop progressive products that put your company's creations at the forefront of the plant based consumer marketplace.

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A Canadian Company with a global focus on
redefining Hemp and CBD via Bio Technology.

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